PhD in glance

Why PhD?

  • PhD is the highest level of university education
  • PhD provides the graduates with a strong theoretical background which enables to understand the determinants and consequences of real-life phenomena
  • PhD provides the students with knowledge and skills to elaborate a particular (research or real-life) issue in necessary detail as well as in connection to other disciplines, including the design and processing of input data using statistical and econometric methods into relevant and verifiable outcomes
  • PhD improves presentation and communication skills through teaching in classes and presentation of own papers in international conferences

Why PhD in Prague?

  • Bridge between western and eastern Europe: Prague is a seat of regional headquarters for CEE regions of many multinational firms
  • Working opportunities: Czech Republic is a country with one of lowest unemployment rates in the EU; Prague belongs the TOP10 richest regions of the EU
  • History and culture: Prague belongs to the most beautiful cities in the world; the largest urban area on the UNESCO Heritage list; open-minded people; plenty cultural institutions and events

Why PhD at Faculty of Finance and Accounting?

  • Liaisons with business: department members actively working in professional bodies like the Chamber of Auditors, the Chamber of Tax advisors, the Chamber of Certified Public Accountants
  • Liaisons with regulators: members of the Czech National Accounting Board; advisory to the Ministry of Finance
  • Liaisons with foreign institutions: national representatives by the European Accounting Association; participation in EFRAG bodies; comment letters to IASB
  • Career: career in large multinational firms or central and municipal governments in jobs requiring a high level of creativity combined with knowledge and skills to independently propose and process the optimal solution of a problem; continuing in academia career