Name Position Specialisation Google Scholar Publications
PROCHÁZKA David, doc., Ing., Ph.D. Head IFRS; income; accounting in sport; accounting regulation url url
MOLÍN Jan, Ing., Ph.D. Deputy Head Individual businesses; taxes and accounting; ethics url url
HORA Michal, Ing., Ph.D. Registrat ICT in accounting; auditing url url
PURMENSKÁ Marie Secretary
JANHUBA Miloslav, prof., Ing., CSc. Full professors Accounting theory and history url url
MÜLLEROVÁ Libuše, prof., Ing., CSc. Corporate reporting; taxes and accounting; auditing url url
BOKŠOVÁ Jiřina, doc., Ing., Ph.D. Associate professors Accounting of insurance companies url url
DVOŘÁKOVÁ Dana, doc., Ing., Ph.D. IFRS; agriculture url url
KRÁLÍČEK Vladimír, doc., Ing., CSc. Auditing url url
MEJZLÍK Ladislav, doc., Ing., Ph.D. ICT in accounting; IFRS; auditing url url
SKÁLOVÁ Jana, doc., Ing., Ph.D. Taxes and accounting; equity accounting url url
ZELENKA Vladimír, doc., Ing., Ph.D. Consolidation; bank accounting; public sector accounting url url
ŽÁROVÁ Marcela, doc., Ing., CSc. Accounting regulation; international accounting url url
ČERNÝ Václav, Ing., Ph.D. Assistant professors Corporate reporting; auditing url url
JANHUBOVÁ Jaroslava, Ing. Corporate reporting url url
JOŠT Marek, Ing., Ph.D. Non-profit entities; auditing url url
Lukeš Jáchym, Ing. et Ing., Ph.D. Business combinations and their tax effects url
PELÁK Jiří, Ing., Ph.D. Auditing; IFRS; business combinations url url
PEPRNÍČKOVÁ Mariana, Ing., Ph.D. IFRS url url
Pospíšil Jiří, Ing. Ph.D. Business combinations; accounting policies url url
RADA Miroslav, Ing., Ph.D. Mathematical methods in finance url url
RANDÁKOVÁ Monika, Ing., Ph.D. Corporate reporting; insolvency url url
ROE Jana, Ph.D., CPA US GAAP url url
ŠINDELÁŘ Michal, Ing.,Ph.D. Corporate reporting; auditing url url
VAŠEK Libor, Ing., Ph.D. IFRS; US GAAP url url
ZÁVODNÝ Libor, Ing., Ph.D. IFRS; US GAAP url
ZELENKOVÁ Marie, Ing., Ph.D. Consolidation url url