Do Ph.D. with us

The Faculty of Finance and Accounting offers international students to enrol into English Ph.D. programmes. Our Department is responsible for the design, organisation, and education within the programme Accounting and Corporate Financial Management.


  • An applicant shall hold Master degree (preferrably from the field of finance, accounting, business administration, economics)
  • The application shall be made electronically through
  • A registration fee applies for the application
  • The application shall include also the research project proposal (about 10 pages, including the topic of the dissertation, review of relevant literature justifying the selection of the topic and identification of the research questions, and proposal of planned research design – data, methodology, expected results)


  • Study requirements: passing exams from 5 courses; research (publications, thesis); other duties
  • Courses: introduce all necessary knowledge of current research in the field (Financial accounting, Management accounting, Corporate finance), as well as theoretical economic background (Economics); students are also provided with quantitative and qualitative research methods (Econometrics)
  • Research:
    • students are expected to do own research under coordination of their supervisors
    • expected outputs are papers in peer-reviewed journals, active presentations in international conferences and final dissertation thesis
    • at least one-month research stay at a foreign partner university
  • Other duties: depend on the organisation of the study – whether it is on-site or combined mode
    • on-site mode: full participation at the activity of department (including teaching of 2 seminars/week; participation at the examination, etc.); scholarship based on the Faculty rules
    • combined-mode: no other duties; no scholarship
  • Tuition fee: as determined by the University management (currently 5,000 €/year)

Detailed information on the application process at, section Doctoral Studies

If you are interested in doing Ph.D. at our Department, contact the Head of the Department to discuss the issue